This Christian end-times training program/lifestyle can help us maximally please God, help minimize needless personal pain and destruction in our lives and the lives of others, and help us "be all we can be" in-God and for God.


This book can help us and others - get to heaven well.


The gist of this book is to exhort Christians, especially Christian workers, to actively schedule and do 4Four basic Biblical spiritual disciplines (in a heartfelt way) :


1.  Private closed-door prayer

2.  The Giving of Money and Good Works

3.  Fasting

4.  The Finding, Learning/memorizing, and Doing of His Commandments


If we don't prioritize and thus schedule these disciplines, they will probably happen minimally or not at all. . . 


The Apostle Paul told Timothy, "Train yourself for godliness."  (1 Tim 4:7 ESV)  Training is a good thing.  We train to become good at different things - a career, a sport, a hobby . . . anything, really.  


Let us be serious about training - training for the most important thing there is.

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