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          "LIVE FOR GOD"


      A spiritual growth /      

 devotional reference booklet that can help us "be all we can be" for God.


For Christian workers only


 The gist of the book is to stir Christian workers to maintain the scheduling of the Big 4Four: robust Private God-times, Fasting, Giving of Money & Good Works, and the Learning and Keeping of His Commandments.


 It builds from the premise that God specifically rewards for these activities, but unless we schedule/ prioritize them - they will probably happen minimally or not at all in our lives . . .




A great small-group study!


 As we grow-up spiritually, we begin to understand the importance of our own robust, personal, private- times to Seek God, Find God, and to Interact with Him and His Word.


 These 7 tools can help us maximally grow (spiritually), and help us maximally grow our friendship and relationship with God.


           "10-10 GROUP"

     A great book for your       church small groups to


and do together!


1. The (first) biggest thing we can do to truly love someone is to help them get their "ticket" to heaven - help get them "saved" by believing in the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. This is 99% of life.

Without this, everything is a waste in comparison . . . What good is it if we became the President, but died without our ticket to heaven? 


2. The second biggest thing we can do for another is then help them get to heaven WELL. (Help them "do life" with minimum needless personal damage & disasters - and become all they can be in God.)


I believe most Christians can get to heaven WELL by following this simple but powerful routine/habit, as outlined in this booklet.


I have found that getting this habit/routine ingrained in a Christian (through the grace of God), is the best way to "keep the fire burning" everyday. . . forever.  Many people "find" God, have a great honeymoon period, but then the fire "goes out" once they take-on a demanding job, get married, have children, etc.  This is not His best.


Please see notes on "Join the Invisible 10-10 Club," page 3.



              "TOOL 6"

         a fine art book

    an inspirational book 

   a spiritual training book


  A book to inspire us to         create our own Tool 6!               

  Art produced from inks, troweled cement and stuccos, water-floated enamels, acrylics, water colors, mixed-media, and some digital painting.


 This art emerged from creating backgrounds to hang verses on my house walls.



A great coffee-table book to allow a viewer to personally be invited by God the Son to "Come to Me."






  A tool to help us do an important thing - well . . .


A great small-group study!





A great Thanksgiving Day helper . . . And, let's do Thanksgiving Day everyday!


A great small-group study!





            A bell-ringer 


  Hosting and attending "Revival" meetings and conferences, or trusting God for visitations to our cities and geographies as witnessed in historical "Awakenings" or formal "Revivals" - is a good thing.


 He likes us to try to bring maximum revival to ourselves daily, however. . .


 He would love a people who are committed to often "Seek Him and Find Him" - to interact with Him. . .


and seek to be filled with His Holy Spirit daily. . . and thus sustain fire and revival within ourselves in an ongoing manner.



        "COME TO ME"

          10th Edition       


     condensed version



  A great coffe-table book that allows the Lord Jesus 

to personally give His Great Invitation 1-on1

to the viewer . . .

Just between Him and them.



          "COME TO ME"

        First Edition Inks


    A great coffe-table book that allows the Lord Jesus

to personally give His Great Invitation 1-on1

to the viewer . . .


Just between Him and them.


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