M a t t V i o l a s s i . c o m M a t t V i o l a s s i . c o m

          " 7 SPIRITUAL TOOLS "

                  For Christian Workers



As we grow-up spiritually, we begin to understand the importance of our own personal private times to Seek God, Find God, and to Interact with Him and His Word.



These 7 tools can help us maximally grow spiritually, and help us maximally grow our friendship and relationship with God.


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Free Digital Book - "7 Spiritual Tools"
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      (formerly "Train for God")   

         For Christian Workers        


 - A spiritual growth/devotional reference  

   booklet that can help us "be all we can be"     for God.


- The gist of the book is to stir Christian

  workers to maintain the scheduling of the 

  Big 4Four: Private God-times, Fasting,

  Giving of Money & Good Works, and the

  Learning and Keeping of His



- It builds from  the premise that God

  specifically rewards for these activities, but

  unless we schedule/prioritize them - they

  will probably happen minimally or not at all

  in our lives . . .


Free Digital Book - "Live for God"
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"TOOL 6"  2014

Artwork of Matt Violassi




"TOOL 6 - Come to Me" 2012

An Art Book - A Spiritual Tool  






"COME TO ME - Inks"

     An Inspirational  / Fine Art / Prayer Book                                  



- Contains 60 beautiful ink creations along        with inspiringand uplifting verses.


- Hardcover 5" x 7"


- Free viewing


- Available for purchase Fall 2014